Welcome to StrawberrySTEAM

Nothing to do with vapourising fruit – unless that’s your hobby, this is a newly founded maker group for PO14, PO15 and SO31, covering making, tinkering, mending, bodging, crafting and computerous hobbies.  We would eventually like to start a maker space.

This is just a very brief website which will be added to as time progresses…

Very approximately, this covers Titchfield, Titchfield Common, Titchfield Park, Locks Heath, Warsash, Stubbinton, Hill Head, Sarisbury, Swanwick, Burridge and Segensworth.   In reality, anyone who is prepared to travel from surrounding areas is welcome to join. We welcome both hobbyists, and small creative businesses.

We currently have a facebook Group, with which to gauge interest, and drum up support, which isHERE!

There’s also a survey you could take to help me gather info which isHERE!